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the inappropriate weather

An acquaintance of mine has a yorkie, the smallest yorkie I’ve seen in my life. They named him Biden, and when I asked why, they said it’s because when Biden was a puppy, he’d keep falling over and pissing himself. Do what you will with that bit of information, but I had a hoot and added it to Top Ten Funniest Things I’ve Heard This Year.

… Admittedly, 2023 hasn’t been a particularly prolific joke machine.

The current US President, and especially his spouse, actually have my sympathy. The bigger the pressure, the quicker the condition progresses. I wish him a peaceful resolution to his period of service and a calm dignified retirement away from the public scrutiny.

It has occurred to me that I no longer have an understanding of what the appropriate weather is for the day, or the season. Yes, I can still tell the extremes apart from the rest. Like when it’s been in the 40s here for two weeks. and it’s just something that shouldn’t happen in the region. But the moderate fluctuations of coolness or warmness? As long as I’m comfortable, I can’t tell if it’s okay or if the dumpster fire that’s been our environment had been fanned even more. The longer I observe it, though, the more I realise that it’s not right.

I use Windows 11 at work, and most of the settings I left on default, because I can’t be arsed. Well, one of the features is a weather notification that pops up in the left corner of your screen on the task bar. Apart from telling you the temperature, it also tells you if it’s a ‘record’ or ‘near record’. And, well, today’s 18C at 1 am is apparently a ‘near record’.

20 degrees on the night of Autumnal Equinox is kinda warm, isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the unrelated photo of Berlin Airport at the top of this post. I just happen to like it.

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