Sunday inspiration 000

I thought I’d share something beautiful once a week or so. Mostly it will be pictures I think. Maybe an occasional creator or a music artist. Here is but a fragment of everything I tucked away into my private inspiration Telegram channel.

Artwork from Batman 1992.

Sketch and…

… original photograph. Wasn’t planned at all. I just saved them both in the same week.

Where I’m writing from. (No, unfortunately.)

Not my cats, but this is how it is, day after day.

Cillian Murphy for Dazed magazine in 2006. Shut the front door. Ugh.

How I’ve been feeling lately.

Every time I see this photo set by Nona Limmen, I go into witch mode.

From a series called “Passengers” by Denis Kopeikin.

Rene Buri.

What inspired you this week?

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